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Newdigm is a social enterprise that provides quality and affordable healthcare for the other 3 billion living in rural and remote locations.

In order to meet our promise, we are focussing on solving the following problems -

Supply Side Problems
  1. Extreme limitation of skilled manpower
  2. Skill & Confidence gap in semi-skilled Health-workers
  3. Dearth of resources (money included) in public healthcare and inefficient utilization of private market based systems
  4. Poor central policy and decision making in the absence of real-time monitoring and surveillance
Demand Side Problems
  1. Inability of villagers to afford and access quality private care
  2. Community has limited participation and say in their own health - underutilization of local resources
  3. Prevalence of mis-beliefs, irrational practices and semi-skilled quacks
  4. Incorrect information or unavailability of information and guidance
Democratizing Healthcare
  1. Innovations in technology and efficient management of local resources. We couple these with socio-cultural tools to raise health awareness and compliance in the community.
  2. Communication and Information Technology to set up and end-to-end health ecosystem akin to tertiary care but starting from patient's doorstep.
Core Competencies
  1. Public Health - We have fair understanding of preventive and curative aspects of rural healthcare along with needs of the villagers, available resources and root causes of problems.
  2. Technology - Better utilization of semi-skilled and local resources by deskilling of their job and guided referral to higher points of healthcare in the network.
Products & Services


Is the assessment, training and certification program we have developed for the Village health-workers.

Our innovation lies in the use of behavioural tools to improve their skills and our prime focus on the "human" part of the job with emphasis on deskilling everything else by training them on mobile based decision-support.


Is a mobile based decision-support cum filtration technology which deskills the job of the health-worker and raises their compliance to protocols. The simple to use decision-support requires no memory, little mathematical and analytical skills with vernacular support both in text and audio.

The operator feeds in key symptoms, does basic tests advised by the device and then a diagnosis and treatment is generated. In case of beyond protocol cases guided referral is generated to higher points of care.

The electronic data generated in the process is used for patient history, follow-up care, monitoring and tracking and in generating reminders and alerts. This also relieves the VHW from the burden of filling numerous forms for central management.


Is a real-time monitoring and tracking system on the server end which makes sense of all the data acquired via SMS from the operators' mobile and turns it into valuable, decision-enabling information. Thus the policy makers and implementing agencies can keep track of progress and forward instructions as and when needed.

It also sends out reminders and alerts to health-workers during follow-up or otherwise, essentially doing one-to-many communication.

Please feel free to go through the demo and brief description of Decision-support given on the right of this page.


Prevention is better than cure. In this regard, awareness, health information and compliance are critical to bringing change at the root of the problem - the community. Swashiksha is transfer of health knowledge to the community. This knowledge is customized in content, form and medium to suit the need. All tools and material are created keeping in mind the social, cultural and behavioural aspects of the community.

TEDxVelammal - Dr. Saurav - 02_09_10_(360p)

TEDxVelammal - Dr. Saurav - 02_09_10_(360p)

TEDxVelammal - Dr. Saurav - 02_09_10_(360p)