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A doctor in town or a city uses much technological support to arrive at a diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Our understanding of technology comes from the fact that a Rural Medicine Practitioner or a Nurse or Health-worker needs even more support to do a quality job unlike what they seem fated.

Following are the rural-healthcare dedicated interventions we have developed.


Is a mobile based decision-support cum filtration technology which deskills the job of the health-worker.

The operator feeds in key symptoms, does basic tests advised by the device and then a diagnosis and treatment is generated. In case of beyond protocol cases guided referral is generated to higher points of care.

The generated electronic data in the process is used for patient history, follow-up care, monitoring and tracking and in generating reminders and alerts.


Is a real-time monitoring and tracking system on the server end which makes sense of all the data acquired from the operators' mobile and turns it into valuable, decision-enabling information for the implementing agencies. It also sends out reminders and alerts to health-workers during follow-up or otherwise, essentially doing one-to-many communication.

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