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Technology can't solve the social, behavioural and cultural aspects of the problem. We can deskill a health-workers job to help her with memory, analysis, decision-making and recordkeeping but eliciting signs, doing basic tests, building rapport with the patient or family are the critical parts of the job for which she can only be trained well.


Is the assessment, training and certification program we have developed for the Village health-workers. Our innovation lies in the use of behavioural tools to improve their skills and our prime focus on the "human" part of the job with emphasis on deskilling everything else.


Prevention is better than cure. In this regard, awareness and health information are critical to bringing change at the root of the problem - the community. Swashiksha is transfer of health knowledge to the community. This knowledge is customized in content, form and medium to suit the need. All tools and material are created keeping in mind the social, cultural and behavioural aspects of the community.


Through HOPE our aim is to improve accessibility by guidance and information without relocation of skilled and monetary resources. This translates into an end-to-end private healthcare setup which leverages existing institutions and players and addresses whole gamut of health needs; all starting from the patient's doorstep.

Hope provides

  1. Health information, timely presumptive diagnosis and guided referral to appropriate point of care, right at the village level.
  2. Health management at varying accessibility points commensurate to need/disease say a basic ailment with a RMP in a larger village or a referral to a doctor in town.
  3. Regular monitoring and follow-up through the generated electronic data.
  4. In collaboration with local orgs, means for raising health awareness in the community.
  5. Cheaper and holistic healthcare solutions vis-a-vis existing Private practices.

The scope of partnerships includes local entrepreneurs, MFIs, labs and doctors in city, hospitals, Insurance companies and drug wholesalers.

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