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Tedx talk on Decision-support for VHWs, Amrita.

This TEDx talk was given by Saurav Das, Co-founder and Head Product design and Medical Strategy at Newdigm in Feb, 2010. It gives a brief intro to "Amrita", the decision support to VHWs. The product and services associated and the venture itself have come a long way since but this talk succinctly captures the core idea.

Previously we working on developing a custom gadget but now we have customized the decision-support (protocols, referrals, data collection, print, reminders and alerts et al in vernacular language) for any java enabled mobile (Costing as less as Rs 3,000 ($65) and we belive this is the way forward.

Also the decision-support can be customized as automated voice-call, wherein the patient history, symptoms etc are collated over a call by an automated central system and appropriate decision support is provided in vernacular language. This widens the scope to any mobile.

We are also using mobile as a platform for a VHW to elicit signs and symptoms in easier and less error-prone ways.


Maternal care Decision Support

Demo video for Maternal care module of Amrita.

This decision-support helps the VHW in

newDigm Healthcare childcare

Childcare Decision Support

Demo video for Childcare module of Amrita

This decision support helps the VHW in

TEDxVelammal - Dr. Saurav - 02/09/10