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Our mission is to improve accessibility to affordable and quality healthcare through appropriate technology and community participation.


Our vision is to serve 20 million families across India and other parts of the world through a self-sustainable model that delivers high value to rural people and our partners.

Core Values

Focus-Rural Perspective and total customization

We believe best solutions are arrived at only through open-minded and practical analysis. Rural areas not One-size-fits-all and this requires understanding and willingness to customize for different communities, different resources and different problems.

Bold innovation

in technology and process to alleviate rural healthcare.

360 degrees-Beyond just Technology

Technology empowers people, communities and implementation but this can't happen in isolation. Only a holistic approach with socio-cultural variants can help bring massive change.


All products and service should pass the test of sustainability and scale. There has to be a balance between value created and resources invested. A lopsided equation might be beneficial in short-term but will almost never stand the test of time and scale.

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