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For our field-trial of Amrita with National Rural Health Mission, Tamil Nadu, we started with a baseline study of general health parameters and disease monetary burden. Out of the baseline study and Phase-2 of the field-trial -

Impact within the First year

95% pregnancies registered and monitored.

20% reduction in outpatient costs including drugs.

75% VHWs registering increase in diagnostic efficacy and ease of operation.

By the end of 3 years

Reduce incidence of common disease in children and general population by 50% and 30% respectively.

30% reduction in number of households going into poverty trap.

Achieve 90% of the target of distribution of supplements, immunization and institutional deliveries.

By the end of 5 years

Reach 30,000 villages and train and certify 40, 000 operators

Reduce IMR and MMR by 10-50% (For areas with IMR 40 to 75 and MMR 100 to 330) in addition to general decline.

Elaborate discussion along with Report on the Field-trial would be shared on the website.

TEDxVelammal - Dr. Saurav - 02_09_10_(360p)