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NewDigm means to show or to point out the unconventional, in our case solution to long overdue problems of healthcare for the rural masses.

To the neglected millions in rural India we promise access to quality and affordable healthcare through appropriate technology and partnerships.

Amrita now Newdigm was born of the following beliefs:


It is unfair and cowardice to leave the vast problem of healthcare for all at the mercy of Govt. or charity. Innovation born out of sustainability can only lead to solution.


Doctors are a scare resource and the solution should work within this constraint. Technology in partnerships with community is the way forward.

Bottom - Up

Timely intervention with either correct diagnosis along with treatment or with presumptive classification and guided referral would not only reduce chance of escalation of disease but also raise the quality of care without relocation of resources.


Technology is a mean and not an end in itself. Social-cultural challenges have to be tackled simultaneously to bring sizeable change.

Newdigm promotes


People's health in people's hands: Role of community as the cornerstone in their own health.

Streangth and Meaning

Empowerment of Health-workers who are the heart and soul of rural health systems.

Sustainable and Scalable Development

Social change with invisible hand of the market.

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